QBCG Policies

Data Identification Policy: Human and/or sensitive data must be identified by a submitter-defined naming convention that does not reveal any personal or sensitive data names.

Data Sharing and Storage Policy: Raw data files and resulting analyses will not be shared with outside individuals unless the submitter requests so in writing. Raw data and analyses will be stored on UGA’s zcluster for up to two months after project completion. UGA clients can request extra storage space on the zcluster from the Georgia Advanced Computing Resource Center (GACRC) http://gacrc.uga.edu/. Non-UGA clients must make arrangements for the transfer of all data and results or they can contact the GACRC to make arrangements for longer term storage at UGA.

Billing Policy: Submission of a grant account or credit card number is required prior to the initiation of any bioinformatics work. For smaller projects, invoices are typically generated upon project completion. Large projects may be billed monthly, or upon completion of individual project components. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice posting.

Disputes and Credit Policy: Questions and/or disputes regarding billing should be submitted by e-mail to iobadmin@uga.edu. Any credits issued will be returned to the original source of payment.