QBCG team consulting provides an integrated, complete approach to and solutions for,  your projects’ needs, including:

  • experimental design (e.g., power calculations, genomic technologies)
  • sequence data generation, hosting large data sets (via the GGBC, GACRC)
  • data processing (e.g., sequence assembly & mapping; database searching, parsing)
  • analysis of results (e.g., statistical significance)
  • data storage (short- or long-term)

Several options are available for most research projects:

  • If you contact us prior to proposal submission, we can provide a budget and justification for the anticipated costs, and we can provide resource text for your grant proposals describing available resources and services that should make your proposal more competitive.
  • If you already have your data, some common needs can be met with “fixed-price” options for routine services, other less common services may incur hourly charges. The exact fees will depend on which services are needed and who is providing them.

The first appointment to assess your project needs is free. The costs associated with further assistance will depend upon your project needs and the different types of consulting that are needed. Please contact us today for a quote.