Geneious Installation

Please follow the procedure listed below for installing and using Geneious.

More information about Geneious software package can be found at Geneious Website.

The Geneious software requires a license to operate normally. The Institute of Bioinformatics, with contributions from many units and investigators, has purchased 15 user licenses. These licenses provide researchers at UGA access to the Geneious software. In order to use one of these licenses, the user should be connected to the UGA main campus networks or connected via the VPN network from outside. For more information on connecting via VPN to the UGA network, please go to UGA VPN.

Here are a few points to be aware of:

  1. There are a total of 28 licenses.
  2. Once a Geneious program is opened using the license server, that
    license will be in use until the Geneious program is closed.
  3. The Geneious program will not “time out” or remind users to shut
    down. For this reason, it is possible to abuse the licenses. It is
    very important to remind your students to quit the program when not in
  4. We are logging licenses checked out by computer IP. Abusers will be
  5. When the system is fully open there will be 50+ users potentially
    wanting to use 28 licenses.
  6. We are now current for Geneious version R11

Installation instructions

  1. Download and install the Geneious software for you operating system from Geneious downloads.
  2. Once the installation of the software is completed, configure the program to use the floating license server using the following info:
    • Server:
    • Port: 29001

    You can get to this configuration section by using the menu in the order: Help > Activate
    License > Use Floating License Server