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Archives from previous Brown Bag Bioinformatics lunch tutorials are available below.

What Computing/Data Storage Resources Exist at UGA?
July 11, 2012


How Do You Get an Account at UGA’s GACRC and How Do You Begin to Use the Freely Available Computational Resources Located There?
July 18, 2012


Tips and Tricks for Using GACRC Resources, Including How to Decide What Computer and How Much Time You Need
July 25, 2012


Introduction to Working with Next-Gen Sequencing Data
August 22nd 2012


RNA-Seq Analysis using a reference genome. Part 1
September 5, 2012


RNA-Seq Analysis using a reference genome. Part 2
September 19, 2012


De novo transcriptome assembly and analysis
October 3, 2012


RNA-Seq: Differential Expression Without a Reference Genome
March 5, 2014

Spring 2014 BBBs

March 5: Welcome to spring 2014 BBB, RNA-Seq without a reference genome. ( flyer.pdf )
March 19: Introduction to GACRC (, learn how to use the zcluster. (flyer.pdf)
March 26: Power and Sample Size for Next-Gen Sequencing Studies. (flyer.pdf)
April 2: Basics for Assembling Next Generation Sequence (NGS) Data. (flyer.pdf)

Fall 2014 BBBs

September 10: Bacterial genome sequencing and assembly. (link to slides)
September 17: Introduction to R programming. (An introduction to R)
October 1: Introduction to ChIp-Seq analysis. (Introduction to ChIP-Seq Analysis)

Fall 2015 BBBs

October 14: (An Introduction to GACRC Computing Resources)
October 21: (An Introduction to Methylome Analysis)
November 11: An Introduction to the Geneious DNA Analysis Software.
November 8: SNP Identification in the Artemisinin Resistant Plasmodium Kelch K13 Gene (canceled)

Fall 2016 BBBs

October 5: (R Programming for Bioinformatics)
October 12: (An Introduction to CyVerse: Leveraging a National Cyberinfrastructure for Life Science Data Management and Analysis)
October 26: (Quantitative Metagenomics and Metatranscriptomics)
November 2: (RNA-Seq Data Analysis)
November 9: Trimming and Quality Assessment of Illumina Data with Geneious